Meet Our Pastor

We Salute Reverend Rudolph Daniels

Words cannot express the love and admiration that the entire Coconut Grove community and the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. in Miami, Florida has for Reverend Rudolph Daniels.

For the past 33 years, he has taught us how to stand in the gap for one another and how to pray and believe that all is well. He has taught us that we need to share our good times and difficult struggles and that we must treat our neighbors, friends, and family as thyself.

Reverend Daniels always stresses the importance of loving unconditionally and of being respectful of others. He never fails to show us how to endure when we feel that all is lost, as God will never leave us even in times of darkness.

A Man of God

We are blessed to have such a Man of God in our midst; a man who’s always thinking and praying for us even when we are not returning the favor. Reverend Daniels is also always willing to travel near and far to support us and our loved ones.

Caring and selfless, Reverend Daniels has mentored young and old and has shared his wisdom in hopes of strengthening the non-believers. His leadership, faithfulness, and positive spirit have touched the lives of many people. We will always be grateful for his dedication and compassion.

A Wise and Compassionate Leader

Reverend Daniels remains concerned with the welfare of the community. Under his leadership, our church established an open-door policy to the residents of Coconut Grove. This allowed the community to utilize the church for functions and meetings with his blessings. The ministry is also steadily growing physically and spiritually with his guidance.


Reverend Daniels is a retired teacher from the Miami-Dade County Public School System. He is also a gospel singer and preacher who was selected as Pastor of Macedonia in 1983.

Personal Life

Even outside the church, Reverend Daniels is well loved. He is a devoted and loving husband, a proud father, and an affectionate grandfather who is committed to instilling passion for others, especially for the less fortunate. His unselfish character is filled with humility, and he demonstrates to each of us his determination to uphold and practice the Word of God.

A Message from Reverend Daniels

“God has been good to us! His grace and mercy sustain us to live life abundantly. His Holy Word guides us and teaches us to love one another through our prayers, our works and talents, and our demeanor.

Our walk with the Lord should be real, sincere, and steadfast; our prayers should be a reflection of our unconditional love and concerns for others; our works should reflect His gifts of skill and talent; and, our demeanor/tongues should be of gratitude and truth.

Allow the Lord to work through you and rise among the masses with authority and a willingness to make a positive difference in our homes, families, and communities.”